Janine’s Inner Circle Accelerator Group is for business owners who are:

  • committed to building their businesses or careers
  • wanting to fast track their growth and personal success
  • ready and willing to ask for and receive support
  • understand the importance of accessing continuous learning at a professional learning to achieve mastery in what they do
  • willing to challenge the status quo
  • looking to surround themselves with the best in their respective businesses
  • interested in intelligent, commercially savvy conversations and exploring new ways to solve business challenges
  • understand the opportunity that exists when you bring together collective knowledge and wisdom.

Apply to join the Inner Circle Accelerator Group

All applicants will be assessed and contacted to see suitability and those suitable will then have a 1-on-1 conversation with Janine.

In this meeting you’ll both work out what your needs, your goals and the best program fit for your personal circumstance.

Apply now to join Janine’s Inner Circle Accelerator Group